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Welcome to the Col Taylor Model Supplies website...

or was it Monaro Models & Hobbies??


Thank you for looking us up.  Perhaps you are a bit confused - did you enter Col Taylor Model Supplies or Monaro Models & Hobbies in your browser?  Turns out that it doesn't matter - we are the same company, and we are now operating out of this same new website!

If you're new to aeromodelling, or a long-time client looking for a new project.  Either way, we can help!

This website is directly linked to our retail management system.  This means that you will know what's in stock immediately we have it, and you'll get more information about those products.  Remember, though, that we're still at the end of that phone - you aren't dealing with an off-shore call centre when you call CTM or MMH!  We are Aussie modellers, and are here to help you get the most out of your hobby.  If you can't find what you want.  Chances are, we've got it, but it hasn't made it to the website yet!

See our contact page for further information

We are using home-grown Aussie software to run both our accounting and this website, which is also hosted here in Australia.  This means that, although we sell foreign products and are competing on the international market, your money stays here in Oz.  This means that we will always be here to help.

We are proud to continue supporting local modellers, as Col Taylor Model Supplies has done for over 30 years - and another 20 years with Monaro Models & Hobbies!!  We have the best products available and at the most competitive prices.  But what we also have is customer service and support second to none. 

So, save this website at the top of your Favourites list - we are your one-stop hobby supply specialists!